Split Decision

Oct. 12, 2015

Well I, James, made it back to Seattle. Jordan and I talked about what we thought we were going to make and all the things we were told by the crew. They told us how if we weren’t fishing we’d lose money and with as long as the engine had been down I saw it as a loss. I’m not one to stick around just because when my goal was to save money if there isn’t any to be made, especially not under a contract I won’t break. So, after my initial contract I jumped ship and Jordan signed on to the end of the season.

Once I got to Seattle I knew I wouldn’t have time to make it to Ballard where the Fishermen’s Terminal is to pick up my checks in time, so I went to the USO for a nap and was greeting by the most disgruntled old salty sailor ever. Granted, it may have been the long hair that upset him when he saw that my veteran ID says USMC Sgt. He was pleased to tell me that I could only stay for a little while but he didn’t think I knew that they’re all volunteers and he isn’t there 24/7. A waiting game is all it was. I took a shower, changed, ate, grabbed a book, and sat on one of the recliners with my headphones in.

After a few hours of napping I got on the light rail from SeaTac to the heart of Seattle where I would stay at the Green Tortoise Hostel for two nights.

When I left the boat I decided it would be at least a month or two before I’d eat any hispanic food, but lucky me we had taco night at the hostel when I showed up…………someone somewhere hates me.

Oct. 13, 2015

After a pancake breakfast I figured I wanted a couple days to do whatever I wanted before heading off to a heavy construction academy in New Hampshire. I can’t even point that state out on a map, I just associate it with the whole New England area. They say New England so I just group it all accordingly.

Evening is here and there’s a pub crawl! The pub crawl takes you through some pretty cool dive bars in Seattle to the Capitol Hill District. One of the pubs on the stop is where Kurt Cobain was last seen alive and you can sit in the same booth. Even though that’s great for Nirvana fans, I personally suggest Owl & Thistle by the ferry terminal it has great music on the weekends.
The ‘crawl crew’ (just made that up) for the evening consisted of a Scotsman, Englishman, two American girls, and myself. The Englishman and I had fun conversing in French since one of the American girls he seemed to be dating for the time being didn’t know any and he wanted me to feel a little more comfortable and gave me insight on the crew.


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